1.30 Hours

Surat Thani Town to Seatran Ferry (Donsak Pier) 

Surat Thani Town to Seatran Ferry (Donsak Pier) : Passengers who wish to travel to Seatran Ferry at Donsak Pier can take our direct services from the Surat Thani Town. The journey will take approximately 1 hour. We offer hourly services from 08.30 AM to 17.30 PM. From Donsak pier, customers can choose to take the ferry to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao. Besides these known options, there are some local destinations at Donsak to visit. Hence, check the local tourist spots at Donsak and maybe you can add some new agendas to your next trip here to Thailand.

Surat Thani Town to Seatran Ferry

Passengers with tickets must check in as soon as they arrive at the airport in our ticketing office.

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