4.30 Hours

Surat Thani Town (Complimentary Pickup) to Hotel in Koh Samui (Inclusive of Hotel Transfer to Koh Samui)

Surat Thani Town (Complimentary Pickup) to Hotel in Koh Samui (Inclusive of Hotel Transfer to Koh Samui : Chaweang,Bohput,Lamai ) :  This special service includes a complimentary hotel transfer within the given radius. For this service customers will have a hotel pick up, which will pick up customers from the various hotels located in Surat Thani Town (Except the hotel in Phunpin, Tha Thong Mai, Hautai, Tha Rong Chang) .  Then customers will be dropped off at the Phantip Head office in Talad Kaset 1 transportation hub  where they will board the big bus and receive their ferry tickets . The Bus or Minivan  will then depart from Surat Thani Town   to Donsak. The bus from Surat Thani Town to Donsak Pier takes about 1 hour. Upon arrival to the pier, passengers will then board the ferry. The ferry will take another 1 hour and 30 minutes to Nathorn Pier, Koh Samui.  In addition, passengers with hotel transfers must contact the minivan located at the pier. Customers must make their way to the entrance of the pier for minivan transfers.

Please note that depending on the hotel location;

  • At Koh Samui minivans will not be able to access hotels on hill tops or inaccessible locations. If this is the case the minivans will only drop customers at the entrance or main road. Please make sure to check your hotel location or contact our staff for more information. 
  • The actual pick-up can be 30 minutes earlier/later than the schedule depending on traffic conditions please standby before pick up about 10 -15 minute.


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