5.30 Hours

Ao Nang to Khao Sok

Ao Nang (Any Hotel) to Khao sok (Khao Sok van station) :(Inclusive of Hotel Transfer From Ao nang) Customers will travel to Krabi Town via minivan from Ao Nang Beach.

From Ao Nang  our   minivan will  pick up passengers from their hotel  to Krabi Sea Pearl office which is in Krabi Town. Once at Krabi Town office, customers will then board the different minivan  to Khao sok National Park. The journey from Krabi Town to Khao sok  will be approximately 4 hours  and the trips ends at the transportation hub in Khao sok (Khao Sok van station).

:All customers need to standby  at the lobby  30 minutes prior to departure.

:Please buy an extra seat if you travel by van and have big luggage

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