How to book with Phantip website.
How to book your ticket to travel around Thailand

 www.phantiptravel.comHow  to book with Phantip website

     How to book with Phantip website : It’s really simple to purchase tickets on our website. Customers can purchase cheap combo tickets that is inclusive of bus, boat or transfers. Several of the routes we offer are routes and concessions of Phantip Travel. Phantip Travel is a licence operator by the Department of Land Transportation and Department of Airports. Furthermore, our company have has several concessions under our authorization. Hence, customers can be sure to use a standard operator. 

 1: Select a destination or origin.

 2: Select the exact transfer or product you want, and click “View Transfer”.

 3: Fill in the details in the following spaces. Select your travel date and time. 

 4: Finally, select a payment method. Once a payment is made customers will receive a confirmation.  

And with just these simple steps you are one step closer in your holiday! If you have any questions regarding bookings please do not hesitate to contact our support team at We hope you enjoy your holiday here in Thailand. 

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