Most famous islands in Surat Thani Most famous islands in Surat Thani : Phantip Travel invites you to visit Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, some of the most attractive islands in Thailand.From the Thai capital of Bangkok, you can reach Surat Thani by plane, train, or bus – though the latter two are long overnight

Visakha Bucha Day or Wan Pra Yai  marks the three important incidents in the life of Lord Buddha  on the same day – the full moon of the sixth lunar month. The three significant separate events are : 1. The Buddha’s Birth  2. The Enlightenment of Buddha – While sitting under the Bodhi tree, he found his

7 Tips for solo Travel in Thailand Solo Travel — especially as a woman — can seem daunting. Luckily, many countries, like Thailand, are perfectly safe as long as you’re smart about it. The Southeast Asian country offers lots of variety: City lovers may want to head to Bangkok, beach bums should plan a trip

宋干节 宋干节 ( Songkran Festival ) 也称作泼水节,是泰国、老挝,中国傣族,柬埔寨的传统节日。一般活动持续 3 到 7 天。每年自公历 4 月 13-15 日举行。活动期间,人们用清水互泼祝福,祈求一年的好运气,还有敬拜长辈,放生及歌舞游戏。 泰国的泼水节更是别有特色,可以带上你的亲朋好友来泰国,在这里你可以拜佛、浴佛和参加祈祷活动。

Promotion for Songkran Festival ♥ โปรฯ ใหม่มาแล้วจร้า กับแพ็คเกจตั๋วราคาพิเศษ เฉพาะจองช่วงนี้เท่านั้น สามารถใระบุวันเดินทางได้ตั้งแต่ วันที่ 1 เมษายน – 30 เมษายน 2562 ใครไม่รีบจองถือว่าพลาดมากกก บอกเลย!! เปิดให้จองตั้งแต่วันที่ 01/04/2019 –  30/04/2019 นี้เท่านั้น!!!  Connecting Happiness with our Special Summer Promotion Koh Samui  –  Surat Thani Airport  375 Baht. Koh Samui – Phuket 425 baht. Koh Phangan –  Surat Thani Airport  475 Baht. Koh Phangan

Tips before getting to Phuket Weather in Phuket Hot Season: April to June. Wet Season: July to November. Best time to go: December to March! Swimming: The sea can be very rough during low season (June-August), with very dangerous rip tides. Do not enter the sea if a red flag is flying.   Staying Safe

5 Best Koh Samui Travel Tips For A Perfect Island Vacation! Here are a few essential tips that you ought to take a note of if you’re visiting Koh Samui anytime soon. These won’t just help you to plan an impeccable holiday, but will also let you have a hassle-free experience!   1. Best time

Full moon party, Koh Phangan Before going to enjoy Full Moon 2019 to know. History of Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani One of the tourist attractions in Thailand. The first full moon party was held in 1985, which was originally a small party. Thanks to the visitors of Paradise Bungalows. Haad Rin is

10 Packing tips for travellers Pack as much as you need, and all of your important documents in your hand luggage! 1. Don’t get a bag that’s too big! You’ll spend a lot of time carrying your backpack around. So the lighter it is, the better for you. 2. Do things by halves When preparing for

12月5日泰国拉玛九世国王普密蓬诞辰纪念日 12月5日泰国拉玛九世国王普密蓬诞辰纪念日 ,同时也是泰国的父亲节,泰国各地在这一天组织举行多个活动,以纪念普密蓬国王。 泰王拉玛九世普密蓬·阿杜德是上任泰王,出生于1927年12月5日,1946年登基,1950年5月5日加冕。担任泰王期间深为全国人民爱戴,地位相当重要,每当国内发生重大事件(军事政变等),泰王都会扮演仲裁者的角色。 泰王拉玛九世精通多国语言,热衷文学、音乐、作曲作词和写作,在泰国文艺发展上也有相当大的贡献。此外,为援助贫苦人民而成立皇家计画 (Royal Project),通过皇家林务署与皇家计画基金会的合作,致力于改善山区部落生活水平。 泰国国王拉玛九世普密蓬·阿杜德的诞辰12月5日作为纪念父亲的节日延续下去,因为泰王与人民正如同父亲与子女间的关系。 代表颜色 泰国当地每周7天各自有对应的7个颜色,泰王的生日对应色是黄色,因此便以之作为父亲节的代表色。人们身着黄色衣服,黄色旗帜在风中飘扬,放眼望去犹如一片的黄色海洋。 代表花卉 泰国传统认为美人蕉与父亲坚强的形象相符,认为该植物能带来好运与幸福,而此花卉有许多颜色,父亲节代表色为黄色,因此便以黄花美人蕉作为象徵。 普密蓬国王于2016年10月13日在曼谷去世,享年89岁。泰国于今年10月下旬举行为期5天的普密蓬国王葬礼仪式,长达一年的国丧期也于当月月底结束。