We’re truly dedicated to make your travel experience as simple as possible! Connecting Happiness.

Phantip LogoOur mission is to create a one-stop service provider connecting travelers with their holiday destinations. Connecting more than happiness, but also all modes of transportation from land, air, sea and rail. As we service thousands of passengers daily, our priority is providing an affordable and efficient service for all travelers. As Phantip Travel is a main transportation provider in Southern Thailand and is licensed by the Department of Land Transportation and Department of Civil Aviation we are continuously improving our operations and systems to facilitate our customers needs. We are a dedicated team, with goals to provide the best possible service we can. Improvement is a constant process and we welcome all comments and questions.

Our Core Values


We aim to provide and offer a “One-stop service”, which offers all the connections for travelers with just a single ticket. We strive to continue to be Suratthani’s market leader and innovator in the hopes to aspire others to follow.

http://www.amazingthaitour.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/llddaf.pngAs we are a growing transportation operator who has been in providing transportation and transfers for the several decades. We still continue and strive to improve our services and operations to provide the best transfer service we can offer for all our customers. And we welcome all suggestions in improving and providing the best service possible.

Know More About Us

Company Profile

Established in March 2, 1970 the business started as a transport operator between districts in Surat Thani province. As neighboring provinces grew with its population, Phantip Travel introduced inter-provincial services. With the prosperity of Suratthani, Phantip Travel introduced local “tuk tuks” and “song-tews” to make traveling between suburbs and within the town more convenient for the public.

Today, our operations have expanded and with newer fleet and more concessions. Phantip Travel is operating several services to various key destinations with minivans and large buses. Furthermore, we have joined hands with several major ferry companies, speedboat companies, bus companies, airlines and the state railway of Thailand in creating the “Joint Ticket Service”. Another major operations we provide is the airport shuttle service. We have been operating the service for nearly half a century. Today we have create one of the leading operations and services in southern Thailand. Offering services such as shuttle services, private rentals and limousine services for travelers in and out of Surat Thani International Airport.

Furthermore, in 2003 we opened a sister company – Ninkanok Co., Ltd. Mainly catering for private tours and coach rentals. As pioneers of the transportation industry in Suratthani town, we believe that we have grown parallel with the province. This growth has been the key to constantly improve our organisation. With our rich history and three generations of management, we believe that we will continue to produce a service that meets the needs of our customers in today’s competitive market. Our team of dedicated  staff members work  around the clock, 365 days a year to provide daily services for locals and foreign visitors.

Giving Back to Suratthani

Phantip Travel is the first transportation operator in Suratthani Province since the early 1970s. Starting with short-haul buses from surrounding counties, Phantip has grown to be a major operator in the South of Thailand across the years. We constantly thank the people of Suratthani and have constantly given back to Suratthani.

Recently, we have started a campaign in choosing a school, nursing home or any village in need in bringing joys and smiles to their life. We try to create awareness and have showcase hidden tourist attractions in their back doors to help generate income for them. And we will continue to do our part in giving back to the society and people of Suratthani as Phantip Travel has grown with them as well.


We are always looking for hardworking, dedicating and service minded members to join our team. As we a fast growing transportation provider in Southern Thailand. With a mission is to create a one-stop service, providing connecting travelers with their holiday destinations. However we plan to connect more than just happiness, but also all modes of transportation from land, air, sea and rail. 

We welcome all interested in working with us and to help innovate and transform both the transportation and tourism industry in Southern Thailand. Marketers, graphic designers, IT Support, accountants, sales, drivers and even porters; we welcome you. Please email us your resume at info@phantiptravel.com or drop by our head office in Surat Thani Town.