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Transportation Services we offer

Daily Routed Services:

At Phantip Travel we operate daily routed services from various destinations around the South of Thailand. Phantip Travel has a wide range of vehicles ranging from minivans to large-sized buses. With more than 800 vehicles operating under Phantip Travel we are the largest routed transportation operator in Suratthani and Ao Thai side. We are a licensed transport operator that provides services to several tourists’ destinations including: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Trang and Khao Sok National Park. Furthermore, we are the only authorized limousine and shuttle bus service provider from Suratthani International Airport (URT) to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Suratthani Town. Besides the various holiday destinations we operate to we also provide several hourly services between towns and counties within Suratthani province including, Baang Sawan, Praseng, Kanom, Baansong, etc. All our services depart hourly and we operate everyday from our minivan terminal in Talad Kaset 2. Our organization has been serving the people of Suratthani and our visitors for nearly 50 years, and we strive to continue to do our best and improve in providing the best service we can offer to our passengers. To check our daily services please head to our search engine to check for destinations and timetables to start your holiday.

Private Rentals:

Phantip Travel also offers our customers private bus, minivan and sedan rentals all with their very own chauffeur. We can accommodate small to large tour groups for your land transportation when in Suratthani. All our vehicles are equipped with all the essentials needed to have a safe, convenient and happy journey with us. Under our sister company NinKanok we offer all private bus rentals. Our loyal customers throughout the years are tour companies both domestic and international, various government sectors and from the private sectors. Tour companies or customers interested in renting larger fleet will not only be getting our standard full service bus operations but we will assist tours, conventions or event coordinators with the most effective and efficient logistics management team in their travel and logistical needs. Currently at more than 70 private rental buses, single decker to double decker and minivans, we have the most number of fleet in Suratthani and are expanding our fleet constantly for the growing numbers of customers. For quotations on private rentals, single transfers or more information needed please feel free to email us your questions at

Authorized Airline & State Railway Ticketing Agent

Phantip Travel is an authorized airline and State Railway ticketing agent in Suratthani Town and Koh Samui. We offer and sell all domestic flights and train tickets for customers for their travel needs. We have 3 branches where you can book your tickets: Suratthani Town, Nathorn Koh Samui and Chaweang Koh Samui.  Feel free to email or call us to check for availability before visiting our branches to purchase your tickets.

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