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We’re truly dedicated to make your travel experience as simple as possible! Connecting Happiness.

Our mission is to create a one-stop service provider connecting travelers with their holiday destinations. Connecting more than happiness, but also all modes of transportation from land, air, sea and rail. As we service thousands of passengers daily, our priority is providing an affordable and efficient service for all travelers. As Phantip Travel is a main transportation provider in Thailand which is licensed by the Department of Land Transportation and Department of Civil Aviation we are continuously improving our operations and systems to facilitate our customers needs. Improvement is a constant process and we welcome all comments and questions.


Phantip Travel Team

Anak Kanokvichitra

Deputy Managing Director

Pakkinee Thespol

Marketing Manager

Vipada Pasook

Reservations & Online Department

Nongpanga Sengthan

Reservations & Online Department

Our Core Values


Who we serve

As Phantip Travel has been operating transportation for close to 50 years, we have a wide variety of return and satisfied customers. Our local customers come from both the private and government sectors mainly renting our coaches for trips and transfers. International tours and foreign passengers from all over the world have used our services throughout the years.


We welcome suggestions

As we are a growing transportation operator who has been in providing transportation and transfers for the several decades. We still continue and strive to improve our services and operations to provide the best transfer service we can offer for all our customers. Phantip Travel is more than just a transport operator, but we would want to assist and connect travelers from across the globe to their holiday destinations.

Join Our Team

As we are continuously growing, Phantip Travel is always in need of new members to join our diverse and dedicated family. We are have a wide range of departments and positions to welcome people from across the globe who want to work and provide services for our customers. Furthermore, we are located in Suratthani close to all the breath-taking holiday destinations. Feel free to drop your resume at our head office in Suratthani Town or via our email.

Know More About Us

Acknowledging Good Deeds

Phantip Travel maintains a high responsibility to all our customer and partners. Throughout the years of operation we strive to train and imprint good social responsibility and morals to all our staff and drivers. We have started numerous acknowledgement programs to showcase our team members who have done good not only for our family and brand but also smiles on our customers.

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Phantip Travel is the first transportation operator in Suratthani Province since the early 1970s. Starting with short-haul buses from surrounding counties, Phantip has grown to be a major operator in the South of Thailand across the years. We constantly thank the people of Suratthani and have constantly given back to Suratthani.

Recently, we have started a campaign in choosing a school, nursing home or any village in need in bringing joys and smiles to their life. We try to create awareness and have showcase hidden tourist attractions in their back doors to help generate income for them. And we will continue to do our part in giving back to the society and people of Suratthani as Phantip Travel has grown with them as well.

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